Timeless White

Getting closets organized has never been more affordable! Our Timeless White line enables you to organize your entire home on a budget and never go out of style. Trust Creative Spaces for your next closet makeover.

The installations below demonstrate great value. These closet organizers are constructed of top-grade 3/4 inch melamine. The hanging rods and hardware are high-quality chrome-plated metal. The design options are endless (See our Accessories page for a few examples of design add-ons). Our pricing includes installation within Regina city limits, based on closet spaces prepped and ready for install. Taxes not included.

If you are having a new home constructed
we can work with your builder to upgrade the storage and closet spaces to suit your needs and budget. We can also work with renovators on home improvement projects.

spacesaver closer storage

Space Saver

Price $350 – Includes installation.

For closets up to 6 ft wide – This design turns a 6 ft closet into 9 ft of hanging space and 12 ft of shelving. There isn’t a more cost effective and elegant way to maximize your closet space.

Timeless White Standard Closet

Price $575 – Includes installation for closets up to 8 ft wide.

This clean design incorporates ample hanging space for both short and longer items. Additionally, the bank of shelving provides plenty of space for all other items. At this price, you can’t afford not to be beautifully organized!

image-10timeless white standard closet
close storage with hamper

Timeless White Standard Closet with Hamper

Price $825 – Includes Installation for closets up to 8 ft wide.

This design includes plenty of hanging space for both short and longer items. A bank of shelving that incorporates a practically designed pull-out laundry hamper. The hamper has dual removable compartments with lots of room.

Timeless White Shoe Lovers Closet

Price $625 – Includes installation for closets up to 8 ft wide.

For those who love shoes, this closet beautifully displays your footwear. Add in shelving for other items and maximum hanging space. You are well organized at a fantastic price.

image-10timeless white standard closet